Short History

ISPE, active company since 1949, consolidated its position as leader in engineering, technical and financial consulting through important energy and environment projects. The services for private and public local and international clients are offered by ISPE through teams of specialists with solid and large experience in this field.Our experts, dedicated to research, engineering and management activities offer to their clients most safe and efficient technical and financial solutions, in all project development stages.For your problems in the energy, environmental protection, construction and infrastructure field we offer:

  • integrated solutions for the sustainable development concept – environment, social and economic
  • complex consultancy and engineering services for the investment projects development (from technical specification to implementation)
  • consultancy for problems related to security in power procurement through adapted solutions.


Our mission is to promote the highest proffesional standards and to maintain excellency on all market segments: energy, environment, civil/ industrial buildings and infrastructure.


A future built in a sustainable mannner, in full harmony with nature, environment and society, based on saving energy, time, financial and human resources.


Responsibility, Trust, Solidarity, Team Spirit, Employee Individual Pottential Harnessing, Inter-human respect, Competency, Honesty, Efficiency, Flexibility, Quality, Creativity and Innovation.

ISPE is your reliable partner!