We are offering complex solutions for managing national and international environment projects from public and private sector:

Air quality

  • Atmospheric and dispersion modeling
  • Best available technology/techniques assessments
  • Pollution control system and air pollution control equipment.

Water quality

  • Water course regulation
  • Water quality management
  • Wastewater discharges
  • Ash and slag landfill
  • Mine tailings disposal and dewatering / treatment
  • Water quality management
  • Chemical waste water treatment plants (pretreatment, demineralization) and industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants.

National strategies

Institutional consultancy

Climate changes

CO2 Carbon Capture and Storage

Contaminated sites

  • Site investigation and remediation:
    • environmental assessments in the analized site
    • program management and contractor oversight
    • remediation, decontamination and demolition
    • excavation, transportation and disposal
    • site closure.
  • Remediation and Construction Management:
    • environmental construction
    • environmental construction
    • brownfield’s redevelopment
    • remediation system installation, operation and maintenance guide
    • decontamination, dismantlement and demolition solutions.

Integrated waste management

  • Transfer stations
  • Material recovery units
  • Incinerators
  • Chemical treatment sites and ecological deposits
  • Waste management facilities (transfer stations, landfills and incinerators)
  • closing inadequate deposits.