As a Romanian leader in consultancy and power engineering we develop projects on several markets.

Power and heat generation

  • Thermal power station
  • Cogeneration power plants (combined power and heat generation):
    • Heating stations
    • Mechanic and technological systems:
      • Thermomechanical equipments, auxiliary and the connections between
      • Thermoenergy equipments (gas and steam turbines, heating gas motors, Diesel motors, steam boiler, economizer, hot water boiler).
  • Electric and control systems:
    • high voltage systems
    • stand by and start up supplying equipment for the TPP’s technological consumption
    • connecting electrical substations: medium, low and direct current (DC)
    • distribution systems DCS, PLC and classical process control systems
    • power sources
    • electric connections systems
    • imission and emission monitoring systems
    • operation-survey / adjustment / control / protection / operating guide subsystems
    • maintenance / diagnosis / documenting systems
    • weak current and telecommunication systems
    • IT management systems.
  • Auxiliary systems:
    • industrial water management systems
    • clean technologies for air quality – FGD electroprecipitators, low NOx burners
    • industrial waste management
    • solid and liquid fuel handling plants
    • gas supplying systems
    • H2 generation plants
    • Instrument & process compressed air installation.

Power transmission and distribution

  • Transmission systems: over-head and underground transmission lines
  • Transmission and Distribution systems:
    • transformation and connecting electrical substations within the NPS
    • coupling electrical substations for TPP, CHPP, HPP and NPP electrical substations to the NPS
    • Coupling electrical substations for different consumers.
  • Reactive power compensation equipment
  • Relay protections and I&C equipment at 6–750kV for substations and power plant’s
  • Dispatcher-management equipment
  • Control systems (signalling, interlocking, synchronising, measuring, metering)
  • Telecommunication systems
  • System automation and IT (SCADA System).

Energy efficiency projects

Renewable energy sources

  • Wind energy
  • Forestry and agricultural biomass
  • Solar energy
  • Waste projects
  • Geothermal
  • Biogas.