P&H Generation – recent and relevant references


Project/Study title Services delivered Client Country
Rehabilitation of unit 3 Facilities and Common System (New Water Treatment Plant, Nitrogen Production Plant and  Transformer shack) – Al Mussaib Thermal Power Station Basic and detail engineering BLACK SEA POWER GENERATING FZCO Dubai IRQ 2018
New cogeneration plant with gas turbines and heat recovery Environmental and urbanism permitting ARAD CHPP RO 2018
Interconnection to the NPS network for Bretea HPP Technical Consulting and Permitting HIDROELECTRICA RO 2018
Interconnection to the NPS network for 5 x WPP summarising about 320 MW installed in Galati and Vaslui counties Technical Consulting and Permitting PECHEA EOLIAN SRL DELGAZ GRID SA RO 2018
Development of Iernut TPP with 400-500 MW installed in a new CCGT Technical and Financial Consulting and Engineering ROMELECTRO RO 2017
National Progress Report on the Promotion and Use of Renewable Energy for 2015 – 2016 Governmental Consulting MINISTRY of ENERGY RO 2017
Power units no.3 and 6 retrofitiing and upgrading – Turceni TPP Consulting – Feasibility Study OLTENIA Energy HOLDING RO 2017
Stejaru HPP (6×210 MW) retrofitting and upgrading Basic and detail engineering ROMELECTRO RO 2016
Hydropower development on Jiu River – Livezeni – Bumbesti sector Technical Consulting and Engineering ROMELECTRO RO 2016
New cogeneration unit in Palas CHPP Consulting – Feasibility Study ELECTROCENTRALE CONSTANTA RO 2015
Restructuring Plan Consulting HUNEDOARA Energy Holding RO 2015