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The development of the human potential represents one of the trends of the human resources strategy of ISPE, next to the training and reorientation of the existing human resources and getting the employees motivated on medium and long term.The ways we intend to follow to reach our strategic goals are emphasized by the human resources policies:

  • integrating the new employees into the company
  • equity in paying the employees
  • internal promotion
  • motivation on the grounds of evaluating the professional performance

The main goals of the human resources management are:

  • drawing in the people potentially skilled for each post
  • keeping in the specialists for as long as possible
  • securing an adequate atmosphere at the workplace and respecting the rights of the employees
  • finding the most possible forms of motivating the human resources, both from a material and spiritual point of view.

The career management aims at achieving a balance between the needs of the employer and those of the employee.

Our vision is building a mentality for our comfort and that of our clients. We are confident that we will achieve that by co-opting dedicated professionals.


The human resources are those forming the working environment in any organization, its creative and lively element.

We consider that the guarantee for the success of an organization first consists in the existence of a team of professionals.

That is why we pay special attention to recruiting, selecting and subsequently integrating the new employees into the organization.

We pay further attention to providing the workforce on medium and long term, which means we are open to the employees and training the young graduates.

Upon the selection of the applicants we take into account the following principles: equal opportunities for all, justice, transparency and professionalism.


Take seriously your job and career! That presupposes professionalism on your behalf. Avoid those mistakes that hold you back. It might be hard to accept, but you must make efforts to get promoted in your career. Assuming new responsibilities and attaining your career goals mean working more than in case you follow the routine of a job you intend to keep until you retire. No matter how quick you are in fulfilling your tasks or how you overcame the difficulties, career promotion first means personal development, involving commitment and a lot of work.

Put passion in whatever you do and you will succeed in fulfilling your tasks much easier, at the same time being able to take over new responsibilities. The enthusiasm and initiative you will prove in fulfilling your obligations can be easily be noticed and the much desired promotion will show up.

Join ISPE team and satisfactions will soon follow!

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