ISPE established, documented and implemented an Integrated Management System Quality, Environment, Information Security, Occupational Health and Safety, Social Accountability which is maintained and who’s effectiveness is continuously upgraded according to referral standards.ISPE Management denoted the Integrated System Department having the responsibility of independent evaluation for the integrated management system. The commitment of the management can be found in Commitment of the management regarding the integrated management system. This department as organizational entity is responsible for independent evaluation of efficiency for systems such as:


ISPE has been working in the assurance system from 1979 starting with Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant Power engineering.

Starting with 1995 ISPE implemented a system for assuring quality based on ISO 9001 applied to projects for power objectives, ISPE being on the list of product and services delivering for RENEL, certified from 1996 by TÜV BAYERN (subsequently TÜV SÜD) . In 2014 ISPE requested the services of the TÜV Rheinland company, certificate code: 01 100 1331891.

According to the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Policy Declaration.

For the nuclear field ISPE has CSEN authorisation starting with 1983 and CNCAN starting with 1990 according to demands formulated in Law no. 111 and CNCAN specific norms NMC-02, NMC-05 and NMC-12.
The list of units authorized by CNCAN.


Management environment system according to ISO 14001 implemented in 2011 having TÜV Rheinland no. 01 104 1331891 certification.

According to the requirements of SR EN ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Policy Declaration ISPE.

Information security

ISPE applies the SR ISO/CEI 27001 provisions according to control objectives and security measures from Information Security Management System implemented in 26.05.2011 being certified by TÜV Rheinland no. TRR 129 21105.

According to the requirements of SR ISO / CEI 27001: 2013 Information security Policy Declaration ISPE.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to SR OHSAS 18001, implemented in 2011, being certified by TÜV Rheinland no. 01 213 1331891.

According to the requirements of the BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Policy Declaration ISPE.

Risk Management

Risk Management System, implemented in 2017.

According to the requirements of SR EN ISO 31000: 2010 Risk Management Policy Declaration.

Other certifications / authorisations / technical permits

for studies, engineering, consultancy, inspections, appraisal, evaluation, auditing

Ministry of Environment Certificate for environment balances, report regarding the impact on the environment, emplacement reports, security reports and evaluation studies.

482-MMP Certificate for testifying works carried out in the following fields: studies for water management preparation, documentation plan for water management permits procurement.

NAMR – Authorisation for gas use engineering No. 12996.
NAMR – Engineering – interior electric plants, civil and industrial works, 0.4 kV, transmission lines 0.4 – 110 kV, conversion stations, transmission lines 110-400kV, underground transmission lines 110 – 220kV, transmission stations and installations for the electric plant part.

Romanian Regulatory Authority for Energy Authorisation energy auditor, Complex energy balance No. 21

ANEVAR Authorisation for real property evaluation, real estate, transferable properties, current active properties, active immobilized (installations, equipments, long term investments, patent acts, hallmark), goods and enterprises.

Authorisation for real properties, real estate properties evaluation, movable properties, active current (installations, equipments, long term investments, patent acts, hallmark), goods and enterprises.

Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant Qualification for engineering and technical assistance, consultancy, studies for conventional systems of nuclear installations.

CNCAN Authorisation for Quality System Management in Nuclear field No. 11-61 Engineering
CNCAN Authorisation for Quality System Management in Nuclear field No. 11-62 Soft Utilisation
CNCAN Acceptance Certificate for Activity Development in Controlled Area of operative enterprises no. 07-2010.

Commerce Registry Office – Constatative Certificate referring to functioning conditions according to Law. No. 359/2004

MAI – Authorisation for Systems Engineering together with confinement and fire extinction installations

MAI-IGSU Authorisation for Systems Engineering and signal for fire alarm and alert

OPSPI (State Participation Office and Industry privatization) for evaluation reports elaboration, feasibility studies for restructuring programs, privatization, abolishment, partition

ARIC Member in The Consultant Engineers Romanian Association – FIDIC member.