Ever since ISPE was founded 63 years ago it became a hallmark of the Romanian energy field because of its constant activity and the companies policies adapted continuously to current changes, the exceptional human resources and specialists who contributed to its evolution.The historical succession of its general directors from its foundation to present gathers important names from the energy field:

Acad. Martin Bercovici, Ph.D (Eng) 1949 – 1952
Constantin Dinculescu, Ph.D (Eng) 1952 – 1953
Eng. Adrian Grigoriu 1953 – 1954
Eng. René Ernest 1954 – 1955
Eng. Alexandru Nisim 1955
Florin Iorgulescu, Ph.D (Eng) 1955 – 1958
Nicolae Armencoiu, Ph.D (Eng) 1958 – 1961
Eng. Octavian Groza 1961 – 1963
Vasile Nitu, Ph.D(Eng) 1963 – 1973
Nicolae Armencoiu, Ph.D (Eng) 1973 – 1985
Eng. Alexandru Hristoforov 1985 – 1986
Eng. Nicolae M?nescu 1986
Mihai Pop, Ph.D (Eng) 1986 – 1990
Eng. Mircea Tarta Arsene 1990 – 1992
Ioan Dan Gheorghiu, Ph.D (Eng) 1992 – 2014
Dipl. Eng. Ion Eduard Chitescu 2014 – present

It should be noted that the name of the institute is due to its first general director, Acad.
Martin Bercovici. The privatization of the company was conducting under the leadership of Ioan Dan Gheorghiu – Chairman and CEO.

History in brief

  • 1949 – On the 3rd of March, the Institute for Studies and Power Engineering is founded by taking over a number of General Electricity and Gas Company employees
  • 1959 – The first historical task as power engineer of the National Power System is accomplished
  • 1963 – ISPE Timi?oara subsidiary is founded; a department of ISPE is detached becoming Institute for Studies and
    Hydro Engineering
  • 1969 – ISPE current headquarter is opened
  • 1996 – On the 4th of July ISPE becomes a joint stock company by breaking of from RENEL
  • 1998 – On the 2nd of April ISPE becomes a succesful independent Romanian company with 100% private capital
  • 1999 – ISPE celebrates 50 years of activity, event that gathered over 700 participants
  • 2001 – ISPE changes its marketing strategy approaching new business areas: environment, infrastructure and consultancy activities development
  • 2006 – Romelectro, environmental oriented project developer, investor and general contractor becomes ISPE main shareholder
  • 2009 – ISPE celebrates 60 years of activity
  • 2011 – ISPE adopts a superior design approach using internationally well-known design platforms and a work methodology that best suits the company’s needs.
  • 2018 – In December 11 ISPE finalized a partial takeover process when the majority of its assets and the entire brand value (business contracts, experts, logo, etc) where transferred to a new company named ISPE DESIGN and CONSULTING SA; the new ISPE DESIGN and CONSULTING SA proudly inherits 70 years of uninterrupted activity and the brand value of ISPE – Institute for Studies and Power Engineering (history, references, experts, know-how and skills).