In Brief

ISPE DESIGN AND CONSULTING is your strategic partner in developing investment projects.

By delivering customised services, ISPE DC is underlining its commitment for a sustainable development, driven by clean and efficient solutions.

ISPE DC is actively involved in business areas like:

  • Energy (Power and Heat Generation, Environmental Technologies for Clean Energy, Renewable Energy Sources, Power Transmission and Distribution);
  • Environment (air, water and soil quality; climate change; integrated waste management; mining);
  • Public Services;
  • Civil & Industrial Works; Green Infrastructure;
  • Energy Efficiency in Industry and Buildings.

ISPE DESIGN AND CONSULTING advises on critical issues in security of energy supply, climate change and energy efficiency, thus developing national policies and strategies at governmental level.

ISPE DC provides, for public & private clients in Romania and abroad, integrated solutions (technical, financial and commercial), our services covering: Technical Consulting; Financial and Institutional Consulting; Basic and Detail Engineering; Project Management; Research & Deployment.


Because its key role as strategic local partner in developing investment projects in the energy and environmental protection fields meets essentially all clients’ needs.

What makes us different?

  • key offer – divers and flexible, with an integrated approach
  • key partnerships – available for strategic alliances aiming complex projects development
  • key competency – tradition and experience, based on our specialists expertise and skills diversity


  • national strategies and action plans developed for the EC and IPCC in the field of EE, RES and GHG;
  • 80% engineering works developed for TPPs and CHPPs out of the total installed power in the Romanian National Power System (NPS);
  • more than 50% retrofitting and upgrading programs developed within the total installed generation capacities;
  • engineering services performed for the petro-chemistry industry in Romania: the first IPP and the biggest Combined Cycle Power Plant (860MW);
  • studies for the interconnection to the NPS network for more than1600MW installed in RES(wind, PV, biomass, hydro, geothermal);
  • engineering works developed for 100% of the 750-400kV OHTL and 30% of the 110kV OHTL within the NPS transmission and distribution network;
  • grid system strategies and 100% ENTSO-E interconnection projects developed;
  • 80% of the engineering services for HV electrical substations performed within the NPS;
  • more than 75% retrofitting and upgrading programs developed for the existing OHTL and HV electrical substations;
  • the first design for a 110kV OHTL developed in Romania;
  • a unique engineering concept and construction works for the development of an OHTL in Retezat mountains at 2000m altitude;
  • partner in the first OPGW project developed in the CEE region;
  • technical and financial consulting performed for implementing, in Romania, the first CCS Demo Project;
  • consulting and engineering services provided for FGD systems and “dense slurry” technology implementation in over 5000MW installed in TPPs and CHPPs within the NPS;
  • environmental consulting services developed at national level for climate change; air, water and soil quality; integrated waste management;
  • EIA & ESIA studies and Integrated Environmental Permits;
  • unique local EU-ETS consultant;
  • consulting & engineering works developed for about 258 centralised DHSs at national level, summing up a piping transmission and distribution network of 16,500km;
  • around 30% retrofitting and upgrading programs developed within the existing centralized DHSs;
  • domestic waste selective collecting systems for about 2,100,000 inhabitants; sorting, mechanical-biological treatment plants for over 470,000 t/year transfer stations 130,000 t/year; new compliant landfill for a capacity of about 1,200,000 m3; non-compliant landfills closure 17,000,000 m3;
  • consulting & engineering works developed for water-sewerage systems retrofitting and upgrading for about 450,000 inhabitants;
  • consulting & engineering works developed for irrigation systems retrofitting for about 130km of network, covering 225,000ha of irrigated agricultural areas in five counties;
  • more than 100 European RDI and knowledge sharing programs accessed and projects implemented;
  • projects and national strategies developed, in partnership, in the energy field, with private/national/IFCs support in Republic of Moldova, MENA region and Asia

Integrated Management System

  • Quality, Environment, HS, Information Security and Risk Management.


CEO: Ion Eduard Chițescu / Engineering Division Director: Daniela Burnete

ph: +40(0)372 821076 / +40(0)372 821266,;