Financial Consulting

Economic and financial consultancy

  • Expert advise in accessing EU funds, assisting clients in the decisional process, correlating and framing investments projects within the national operational plans (adequate financing programs selection, connection with coordination centers, providing project proposal, applying for a grant or loan, etc.)
  • Support in sustaining, in front of the banking/financial institutions, of loans / credits requests for investments financing
  • Identifying new investment projects adequate financing sources (business plan, company’s financing capability analysis, financing sources optimization)
  • Identifying new investments adequate financing mechanisms or schemes
  • Promoting investment projects for financing through adequate mechanism and schemes such as JI, CDM-Clean Development Mechanism etc.
  • Economic and financial efficiency analyses
  • Assessing benefits and ranking on the power market
  • Financial offers comparative analyses
  • Project finance
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Financial modelling
  • Commercial negotiation of:
    • Heat and/or Power Purchase Agreement
    • Fuel Supply Agreements
    • O&M Agreement
    • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Agreements.
  • Partners Association Contracts (eg. PF-Project Finance, PC-Project Company, JV-Joint Ventures, PPP-Public Private Partnership)
  • Social and economic impact assessment
  • Pricing and tarif studies and financial assessment of business risks.

Environment financial consultancy

  • Practical support for introducing ETS (Emission Trading Scheme) and support in implementing ETS and developing allocation methodology (industries, Romanian government and other environmental authorities)
  • Evaluating the investment contribution in GHG mitigation
  • Environmental regulatory impact and compliance costs assessment.