SocialWatt Final Conference “Meeting need with ambition: Boosting energy efficiency to alleviate rising energy poverty in Europe”

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The SocialWatt project ( funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, enables energy suppliers and utilities to develop, adopt, implement and spread innovative energy poverty schemes across Europe. More specifically, the project aims to enable energy suppliers and utilities to build their capacity and use tools developed within the framework of the project to effectively engage with their customers and implement schemes that aim to alleviate energy poverty.


The final conference of the SocialWatt project will share experience on designing and implementing energy efficiency schemes to alleviate energy poverty, and will discuss how to address the key challenges to scale up support to the energy poor, as the needs grow sharply. The event also includes a workshop jointly organized with the Horizon 2020 project streamSAVE, about monitoring and evaluating the impacts from these schemes.



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SocialWatt Press Release


Romanian partnership contact:

Camelia Vasile

ISPE Proiectare și Consultanță


Alisa Vlasa

CEZ Vânzare