Nine coal regions in Europe stand together for a just transition, including Valea Jiului in Romania

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The EU-funded TRACER project ( supports nine coal-intensive regions to shape a broad vision and future-oriented priorities in order to facilitate transition towards sustainable energy systems. Other coal regions in transition can benefit significantly from the outcomes of this international action.

Significant project results are available after the project’s launch 1.5 years ago. Amongst others, a series of best practice examples of successful and ambitious transition processes in coal regions are available:

–                   Best practice report on labour markets, social issues and tourism identifies the best practices related to labour market, retraining, reskilling and social transformation processes. It proposes a guideline on how to reuse the facilities and infrastructures of the mining activities, especially in the mono-industrial coal regions in transition.

–                   Best practice report: Smart Specialisation Strategies and SET plan implementation actions focuses specifically on the experiences of coal intensive regions and examines the design, implementation and monitoring of Smart Specialisation strategies in more depth in three European regions which have a history in coal mining (South Limburg, Netherlands; Asturias, Spain and North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany).

–                   Best practice report on environmental protection and post-mining land reclamation shows state-of-the-art procedures in post mining landscape restoration and environmental protection as well as recommendations.

–                   Best practice on financing the transition from coal in European coal regions provides interesting insights on financing the transition from coal in European coal regions.

In terms of sustainable energy technologies, in total 12 factsheets provide an inspiration for other coal regions.

In addition, technical concepts for the transition of the energy systems into a smart, sustainable and renewable energy systems in nine TRACER regions were prepared by the consortium partners.

The TRACER project also analyses the social dimension of the energy transition. The report on Social challenges and re-skilling needs of the workforce solutions investigates the current demographic and workforce structures, together with relevant social challenges and re-skilling needs in nine TRACER coal regions with the background of an ongoing or future transition process from coal to smart, sustainable and green energy systems, while safeguarding the social cohesion for communities involved.


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Valea Jiului target region contact

Gloria Popescu, ISPE-Design & Consulting; dr. Sabina Irimie, AISVJ – Valea Jiului Social Institute Association

Ph: +40 (0)722 319581; +40 (0)723 718829