ISPE and Romelectro representations opened in Chisinau

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After a deep market analysis, ISPE and Romelectro decided the opening of  two representations in the Republic of Moldova, which have been registered on January 15th 2014 at the State Registry Chamber.

Having as references the execution of over 20 000  transmission  lines,  more than 120 high voltage substantions and over 15 000 MW in power units, ISPE and Romelectro endorse the launchment of important partnerships on the more and more dinamic power and energy services market in the Republic of Moldova.

The two companies underlined the opening of the representations through a number of events which took place in Chisinau:

  • Meetings at the representations headquarters situated on the Stefan cel Mare si Sfânt 180 Street and also at the reception organised on the evening of 19th March with representatives of central authorities, energy companies, partners from Moldavia;
  • The press conference and the symposium „European energy and environment strategies and policies. Challenges for the Republic of Moldova”, organised together with the Economy Ministry of The Republic of Moldova on the 20th of March;
  • ISPE and Romelectro presence with joint stand at Moldenergy – Specialized Fair organized by Moldexpo at Chisinau, during 20th-23th of March.

On the occasion of the events in Chisinau, Mr. Ioan Dan Gheorghiu, President of ISPE Board of Administration declared that there are at least two serious reasons which determined ISPE and Romelectro to open representations in Chisinau: the declared intention of the Republic of Moldova to be a member of the European Union and the fact that it has been a year since the Republic of Moldova has carried the energy strategy including clear directives until 2030 and agreed to projects which should be accomplished until 2020.

In achieving these objectives both companies count a lot on cooperating with companies from Moldavia. In that direction, either has been signed a memorandum of understanding or other forms of partnerships between ISPE and Romelectro on one side and companies from the Republic of Moldova on the other, or there are in progress of identification and certification local engineering, equipment supply or construction or mounting companies.

The two companies experience, brought together both in Romania’s pre-adheresion period to the European Community and also after represents a big advantage for Romanian companies and authorities and also for other partners in the Republic of Moldova.


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