ISPE member of the Romanian Energy Center

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Recently, ISPE became member of the Romanian Energy Center, headquartered in Brussels and Bucharest. The Romanian Energy Center is an NGO deploying a lobby activity for promoting Romanian companies in the energy field on the European market and also investment projects submitted for obtaining European funds. This activity is meant to rise the European funds input rate and to revitalize the Romanian energy private and public sector.

The Romanian Energy Center is also involved in standardizing the legislative frame and in regulating the European one, initiating programs on prior directions and themes having technological and financial support at European level, by being an information support channel – dissemination – knowledge sharing.

Between 12th -14th November took place in Brussels the “European Coal Days – Coal in Action”, a series of events organized by the Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP) in partnership with two European deputies (Bogdan Marcinkiewicz and Christian Ehler). The events gathered representatives from the European Parliament, European Commission, Financial and Social European Committee and also EUROCOAL, public authorities from Poland, the Romanian Energy Center and private environment representatives.