MarketiNV – Regional network of marketing centers and business microincubators

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Brief description:

The project is developed in three cities located within three neighbouring counties: Baia Mare ( Maramure? county), Dej (Cluj county) and Bistri?a (Bistri?a Nasaud county)
The project objective is to create a complex business infrastructure by developing a regional network, named “Regional Center MarketiNV”, consisting of three strategic locations representative for the North-West Region (small and medium sized cities, with potential in creating new jobs) capable to offer opportunities for business developing and international investments, interested to settle within the area, by preparing a nucleus for Business Developing Zone (ZDA).

The Project includes:

  • developing the infrastructure:
  • the reconversion of the dismantled thermal stations (in Baia Mare, Bistri?a and Dej) to buildings with facilities that include consulting services for IMMs (Small and medium sized firms), as well as a business center
  • the rehabilitation of three historical and architectural value buildings
  • developing of the neighbouring areas
  • implementing a performant IT infrastructure that will allow the improvement of the region competitiveness by using new technologies in small businesses
  • developing supporting mechanisms for activities as local and regional marketing, production of goods and services, branding for IMMs and micro firms.

As a result to this project development, there will be stimulated both the production quality as well as the creating of new micro firms having direct impact in creating new jobs, production developing, trading and services sector. The conditions improvement of these locations leads to environmental protection, including improvement of public utilities system.

Services offered:

The project has developed the following stages:

  • feasibility study
  • technical specifications
  • detail engineering
  • consultancy during bidding period
  • consultancy during execution works.

Estimated technical performances:

Baia Mare

  • marketing center located in an old building (ground floor +2 floors) in the historical center of the city
  • business center located in an old abandoned thermal station.


  • building (ground floor+1 floor) in the historical center of the city located near the City Hall will be transformed in a marketing center
  • near the center of the city there are two old buildings that will be demolished to make room for a new building that will be a business center.


  • two buildings (ground floor +1 floor) in the historical center of the city located near the City Hall will be transformed in marketing center.

Country and location:

Romania – locations:  Baia Mare, Dej, Bistri?a


Local councils in Baia Mare, Dej, Bistri?a

Start/Completion date (commissioning):

2006 – 2007 project documentation;  2008 – 2011 construction works