Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant for Power Units 7 & 8 in Isalnita Power Plant

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In order to reduce the sulphur dioxide contents in flue gases discharged into the atmosphere, resulted from fossil fuels  (lignite) combustion in the two steam boilers rated 510t/h belongigng to power unit no. 8 (rated 315 MWEel) from the Isalnita Power Plant, there will be mounted a flue gas desulphurization installation wet type, using limestone as absorbent substance.

The FGD installation will reduce the contents of sulphur dioxide from the flue gases discharged into the atmosphere, the maximum limit for the SO2 emissions in the flue gases is as follows:

  • maximum 200 mg/Nm3 ,  when the plant uses as fuel 100% coal (lignite);
  • maximum 185 mg/Nm3 , when the plant uses fuel made of  90% lignite and 10% natural gases (in dry gas with maximum 6% O2).

The Duty Books based on which Oltenia Energy Complex – Craiova TPP has organized the international tender, have been elaborated based on Feasibility Studies made by ISPE (FS for unit 8 in 2008 and FS for unit 7 in 2009). The designing, construction and erection works have been assigned to a Consortium constituted of Babcock Noell GmbH, Germany and Romelectro.

ISPE is part of the process of Permits Documentation for Authorities elaboration and also as subcontractor to Romelectro which elaborates the engineering documentation.

Services offered:

  • documentation for permits
  • technical project
  • detail engineering
  • „as-built” documentation
  • construction behaviour project
  • technical reports at works completion
  • technical reports at commisioning works completion
  • operation manual

Country and location:

Isalnita Power Plant is part of Oltenia Power Plant Complex – Craiova subsidiary and located in Dolj district, city I?alni?a, 101 Mihai Viteazu street, 10 Km north-west of Craiova city, paralel with European road E 70 Craiova-Turnu Severin.


Oltenia Energy Complex – Craiova TPP (Oltenia Power Plant Complex – Craiova subsidiary)

Start/Completition date (Commisioning):

Start: 18th of  August 2011
Finish:  June 2014