Implementation of a new power unit based on modern technologies

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Implementing a new power unit with a pulverized lignite combustion boiler, with ultra super critical parameters – based on the latest technologies at European and global level, located on the site of the former stage I, is a key element in the economic policy of both Power Plants.

The project has the following advantages:

  • it creates the possibility of a profitable activity of the power producer. Thus, the producer becomes competitive on the liberalized electricity market;
  • it ensures the inclusion of the new power unit’s operation in the EU accepted limits for polluting emissions and it contributes to the CO2 emissions reduction through a higher level of energy efficiency;
  • the chosen clean coal technology is efficient and mature on the market;
  • the proposed site for the new power unit prepared in “capture-ready” concept allows the further implementation of CCS facilities – CO2 capture, transport and storage, until 2015, on the existing remaining site, inside the power plant precinct.

Services offered:

For the implementation of the new 500MW power unit, a turn-key investment project type was taken into consideration. The investment includes the main equipment of the power unit, the auxiliaries’ adaptation (coal, limestone, water treatment etc.) and the connection works to the existing facilities.

Currently, there are two technologies whose development stages are very close to the demonstrative scale: oxi-fuel and post-combustion.

Either of these two technologies is appropriate for a highly efficient power unit burning pulverized lignite.
According to the Directive 31/2009/CE of the CO2 storage, new power units with over 300MW, which will be put into operation in the future, must be prepared for implementing the CCS installation (“capture-ready”).
The cost-benefit analysis was drawn for the new “capture-ready” group.

Estimated performances:

  • power: 500 MW;
  • project financing proposal: 30% equity and 70% loans;
  • 50% from the costs of CCS facility is proposed to be financed by EU grant through the Demonstrative Program for the implementation of 12 power plants equipped with CCS.

The attractiveness of implementing CCS will be dictated by the future price of CO2 emission allowances compared to the additional investment and the operating costs of the power plant equipped with CCS installation.

Country and location:

Romania, Gorj and Dolj county


Complexul Energetic Rovinari
Complexul Energetic Craiova, I?alni?a Subsidiary

Start / Completion date:

Start designing works: August 2009
Finish designing works: December 2009

Start designing works: November 2009
Finish designing works: April 2010