Connecting to the National Power Grid of Falciu and Ivesti Wind Power Plants

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According to Connection Permits to the National Power Grid issued for WPP Falciu 1 and 2 rated 108 MWE, belonging to Sorgenia company and WPP Ivesti rated 300 MWE, belonging to SC Prowind Windfarm Ivesti SRL, these wind power plants will be connected to National Power System through a common electric substation that will be located near Banca village, Vaslui county, Romania.The electric substation for connection and transformers (400)/220/110 kV Banca will be an important branch point of the National Power Grid, further to be connected to electric substations Gutinas, Munteni and FAI (Iasi city). Considering the legislation in force, this electric substation will be divided into an electric connection substation of (400)/220 kV that will belong to CNTEE Transelectrica (Romanian Power Grid Company) (the 400 kV part will be made in a further developing stage) and two transforming substations of 110/220 kV belonging to CS Sorgenia and SC Prowind Windfarm Ivesti SRL, connected to (400)/220 kV substation.

Banca electric substations extended on about 4.8 ha surface, from which the connection substation of (400)/220 kV will extend on about 2,8 ha. They are placed outside Banca village, on county road DJ 245 D, near the overhead transmission line of 220 kV Gutinas Munteni.

Services offered:

  • preparing the documentation and support for obtaining the Connection Permits to the National Power Grid
  • technical documentation for Urban Permit
  • documentation for Environmental Permit
  • documentation for Water Management Permit
  • documentation for emplacement permit from Transelectrica (Romanian Power Grid Company), EON Distributie Moldova and Transgaz company
  • other technical documentation for permits required by the Urban Permit
  • feasibility Study
  • technical project and duty books
  • technical documentation for construction permit
  • technical analyses and reports for the offers received from materials and equipments suppliers
  • detail engineering.

Country and location:

Romania, Banca village area, Vaslui county


Sorgenia Romania, Prowind Windfarm Ivesti, Romelectro

Start / Completion date (Commissioning):

Start engineering :  September 2011
Finish engineering:  September 2012 for developing stage and October 2012 for Detail Engineering
Construction works will be finished in 2013