Rovinari Power Plant – Wet flue gas desulphurization plant with common installations for reagent and end product

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Rovinari Power Plant – a major thermal power plant in Romania was commissioned between 1976-1979. Rovinari Power Plant is considered a base load plant with a nominal installed capacity of 1320 MWEe. Due to the power plant strategic location in the middle of the lignite fields Rovinari, Tismana and Pinoasa and due to the fact that RPP owns these fields, the electricity production costs are low compared to other thermal power plants in Romania.

Increased competition, access to new energy markets, as well as complying with the regulations for environmental protection, are important issues for RPP to consider for its future operations.Thus, the main objective for the project of Rovinari Power Plan is to reduce SOx emissions to reach the national and EU directive on environmental requirements for large combustion plants, valid from 1st of January 2008.

The project consists of implementing some Wet FGD installation to the steam boilers rated 1035 t/h and 330 MWEE to units 3,4 and 6, in order to reduce SO2 content in flue gases resulted from burning fossil fuels.

The installation for retaining SO2 from flue gases consists of:

  • the absorption installation of SO2
  • the preparation installation of limestone slurry

The end product of the desulphurisation process is gypsum slurry but at the moment not necessarily applicable for civil constructions purpose.

Services offered:

The Project develops the following phases:

  • technicalproject and duty books
  • detail engineering
  • technical assistance during execution works and commissioning

Estimated technical performances:

The FGD plant shall meet the emissions requirements according to EU legislation regarding environmental pollution: SOx – 400 mg/Nm3 dry gas 6% O2; solid particles – 50 mg/Nm3 dry gas 6% O2

Estimated economical efficiency:

  • complying with the environmental EU legislation regarding SO2 emissions
  • after execution of the works the power plant shall be capable to operate on lignite, heavy fuel oil and gas in the boilers with a significant SOx emissions

Country and location:

Romania; Rovinari city at about 16 km of Targu Jiu city, Gorj county

Client / Investor:

SC Complexul Energetic Oltenia Sucursala Electrocentrale Rovinari

Start / Completion date (commissioning):

Start: November 2007
Finish: October 2013