Rehabilitation of the Complex Museum of Portile de Fier and its utilization as a touring product

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Patrimony Objectives:

  • medieval fortification – XIII – XV century
  • Roman thermae – II – VI century A.D.
  • Drobeta roman camp– VI century A.D.
  • Roman Emperor Trajan Bridge – II century A.D.
  • medieval church ruins –XIII – XIV century.

The Project has developed the following stages:

  • rehabilitation of the sub-structure of the Portile de Fier Region Museum building ( total construction surface 6900 m2) and of the building of Art Section (total construction 1478 m2) and transforming the sub-structure into a multi-functional (total construction surface 1900 m2) for exhibitions and conference hall, sound and video system included
  • construction of a information and documentation center of 245 m2 near the medieval fortress
  • consolidation/restoration of the Roman ruins (Roman camp, Bridge, Thermae)
  • restoring the medieval towers and the other buildings
  • construction of a new Roman Theatre with 730 seats and surface of 1235m2
  • consolidation and restoring the Gothic church
  • construction of an annex pavilion of 360 m2 and demolishing the 3 existing annexes
  • construction of a tower 13 m with elevator, of a 15 m bridge length and a belvedere platform of 144 m2
  • construction of a road for visitors in the museum and ruins precincts, with a path, resting places, lighting system, benches and informing posters
  • rehabilitation of the museum access road, including alleys, cliffs – 1430 m2 , road- 500m2, fountain and green areas
  • construction and rehabilitation of the utilities (electricity, water, sewerage, heating).

Services offered:

  • feasibility study
  • technical specifications
  • detail engineering
  • consultancy during bidding period
  • consultancy during construction works.

Country and location:

Romania, Drobeta – Turnu Severin city, Mehedinti county


Mehedinti City Council

Start/Completion date (commissioning):

Start:  2006
Construction works:  2010
Estimated finish:  2014