Deva – Paro?eni – Doice?ti – Preparing Clean Coal projects in Romania

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The project target is technical assistance for BERD (as financer of the project) as well as for Termoelectrica (as final Client) for the modernization processes of the three power plants. This modernization program will be carried out by two potential mixed companies between Termoelectrica and private investors and will have two components:

  • component 1 – modernization of Deva and Paro?eni Thermal Power plants;
  • component 2 – replacement of the existent units in Doice?ti thermal power plant with a new unit.

Considering the initiatives of the G8 group at Gleneagles Summit, the Bank has announced its own program of activities related to climate changes. This program will include specific activities in order to help the banks clients in power field for identifying and apply the most adequate rehabilitation and investment programs for improving the performances.

“Preparing Clean Coal Projects in Romania – Deva – Paro?eni – Doice?ti” project will try to help in an easier way, over passing the difficulties associated with the transition process through a developed market economy, where the priority of many energy companies in Romania is simply survival, while increasing competitiveness by increasing energy efficiency and promoting clean production, has gone into the background. For the last few years the power supply fees have been low and they did not allow the recovery of asset investments. As the transition process evolves, this situation is changing, the energy market in Romania now free of any restrictions and the power companies are more and aware of the necessity of increasing power efficiency and reducing all costs.

Though it still exists a bad understanding of the best available techniques or they are bad managed and there is no clear notion of the optimal solution regarding alternative power sources, one example being the dilemma faced by the electric power producers: the rehabilitation of the old power units or construction of new ones.

Services Offered:

The project will have to make an analysis of the units to be rehabilitated and the ones to be replaced, a comparison between them using the best available techniques as defined by the European Union – technical consultancy.

Country and location:

Romania – Paro?eni TPP; Doice?ti TPP; Deva TPP


Gas natural Fenosa Engineering, Spain

Final beneficiary:




Start / Completion date:

Start designing works: 10 August 2009
Finish designing works: 30 April 2010