Romania concerns in reaching its carbon emissions reduction targets

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Bucharest, Friday, 15 March 2013 – took place, under Ministry of Environment and Climate Change auspices, the international workshop “Integrated carbon management solutions – towards a de-carbonised Romanian economy” organized by ISPE Romania together with ALSTOM Infrastructure Romania in partnership with Romanian National Committee of World Energy Council.The integrated approach of innovative technical solutions for a de-carbonised national economy represents a major objective in the medium and long term.On this background, the newly established Ministry of Environment and Climate Changes (MECC), through its specialised Climate Changes Department made the first step toward Romania’s alignment to the development in Europe of a competitive carbon negative economy.

To this aim, Ms. Elena Dumitru – State Secretary, MECC pointed out: A new challenge for us are the debates for the structural measures proposed within the EU-ETS Directive and the “Green Papers regarding the new policy frame settlement for climate changes and energy until 2030”, document to be completed by the European Commission in March 2013 and which settles the objectives of reducing GES emissions. At same time, Ms. State Secretary asserted that MECC sustains the business environment and takes part in the common effort toward a carbon negative and competitive economy. More, any project proposal for future call period 2014-2020 will have to include measures for reducing climate changes impact.

One of de-carbonisation solution is to put together CO2 users and emitters interest – this is the Integrated Carbon Management Concept (ICM).

Romanian stakeholders dialogue regarding the development and implementation of ICM technologies was initiated by MECC and representatives of central governmental authorities: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of European Funds, National Agency for Environmental Protection, National Agency for Mineral Resources, National Energy Regulatory Authority; industry representatives: energy industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, food industry; the Association of Energy Utilities in Romania, academic-research and development environment: Bucharest Politehnica University, GeoEcoMar, the Research Center for Macromolecular Materials and Membranes, Centre for Research and Eco – Metallurgical Expertise; civil society organizations representatives: Greenpeace Romania, Green Revolution, Terra Mileniul III.

Concerning the seminar topic, Mr. Tudor Prisecaru – State Secretary, Ministry of National Education, emphasised the crucial role of academic and research environment to identify the solutions by applied research in order to enable the transitions from carbon capture and storage (CCS) to carbon capture and use (CCU).

Civil society, warm supporter of renewable energy sources, stands open for the development and implementation of an Integrated Carbon Management, suggesting to further debate this concept in a series of similar meetings.

The event benefited by the presence of some technologies providers, such as Mr. Peter Arnold, Head of Sales & Marketing, ALSTOM Carbon Capture Germany, who underlined several solutions for CO2 capture and use in some economic area, potentially interested by CO2 as raw material (e.g. energy industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture).

Mr. Peter Arnold highlighted: „Considering the percentage only 1% reusing CO2 emissions in such industries (petrochemicals, food industry, and pharmaceutical industry), agriculture and medical field, carbon capture and storage (CCS) constitutes the reliable technological solution with a CO2 reduction efficiency of 90-95%, although at the moment does not represent a commercial option”.

Mr. Ioan Dan Gheorghiu, Chairman and CEO, ISPE pointed out „Lack of adequate supporting schemes; low CO2 certificates price; reaching the limit of supportability due to the RES supporting scheme and energy price rising; the industrial production and electricity demand lowering on the market do not encourage investments sustentation in innovative low carbon emissions technologies, but climate changes issues become stringency every day. Non action will cost us more!. Today meeting must be the START for national, regional, local debates related to climate changes and energy security”.

Considering the above, Mr. Ioan Dan Gheorghiu asserted the need for a Common Statement to synthesize the exchange of ideas, comments and declarations, during this event in order to be delivered to decision and policy makers.

At the event the media representatives were also present: Agerpres, Finmedia, Green Report, and Info Mediu Europa.

For further information:
Gloria Popescu – ISPE, Knowledge Sharing & Communication Team Head
Mobile: 0722 319 581

Info Day IEE Romania

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Friday, 15 February 2013 took place at the ISPE headquarter the „Info Day IEE Event Romania”. More than 90 specialists, representing 60 organisations in the country participated at the event.Organizers of the info day session: ” Ministry of Economy – National Contact Point IEE; ISPE and the Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection (AEEPM).Mrs. Dana Du?ianu, Representative of The European Agency for Competitivy and Innovation mentioned the priorities and technico-economical aspects that these project appeals have.

During the section „Succesful Romanian Projects – Good practices transfer” AEEPM Bucharest presented the „Covenant capaCITY and Meshartility” projects; ISPE emphasysed its participation in the IEE projects; ALEM Vaslui – Developed projects; Politechnica University Timi?oara – BIO-HEAT Project.

The event ended with a Q&A session on the debated topics.We hope that the initiatives of those who will participate with projects at this sessions will have a positive and fruitfulness ending.
Taking this into consideration, ISPE puts at the disposal of those interested its consultancy offer for accessing the financing sources and the experience gained in developing projects through this European program.

ISPE exhibitor at RENEXPO 2012 – a chance for new collaborations

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Reuniting a number of more than 130 famous international exhibitors, companies such as Gamesa, ESPE, Idnamic, Ravano Green Power, Vaptech, China Sunenergy Europe, IDEEMASUN, REC Solar, Trina Solar, PEV, Canadian Solar presented their services offer to visitors over the 3 days of RENEXPO.Among the 130 companies present as exhibitors at RENEXPO we can mention important international companies such as Gamesa, ESPE, Idnamic, Ravano Green Power, Vaptech, China Sunenergy Europe, IDEEMASUN, REC Solar, Trina Solar, PEV, Canadian Solar which presented their services offer to possible clients during the event.ISPE and ROMELECTRO were also exhibitors, being visited by over 30 representatives daily. More than 80% from the visitors were acquainted with ISPE activity in renewable energy sources field most of the questions being related to our projects in the photovoltaic field.

While many of the visitors presented their equipment and services offer hoping to collaborate with ISPE on future projects, the main requests to ISPE were related to financial offers for consultancy in power engineering of photovoltaic and wind parks.

Beside its presence as exhibitor, ISPE participated actively at RENEXPO with technical papers presented by our representatives at Energy Efficiency, Solar Energy conferences and also Wind Energy where Mr. Mihail Coteanu, Power T&D Division Director was chairman (please access the ISPE participation at RENEXPO 2012 program).

We should mention proudly that Mrs. Eng. Hermina Albert, Technical-Economical Couselor was awarded with the “Outstanding Personality Award” offered by RENEDXPO South East-Europe 2012 organizers. Unfortunately, Mrs. Couselor was not able to participate at the event, the award being handed to Mrs. Eng. Viviana Asan, Power T&D Department.

GRAITEC ADVANCE personalized trainings for ISPE Romania

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ISPE has been a GRAITEC client since 2000, but this summer ISPE purchased additional license ADVANCE Steel and ADVANCE Design.For a useful and productive utilization of GRAITEC ADVANCE programs personalized training modules were chosen. They will be held at the ISPE headquarters in Bucharest.ADVANCE Design Basic
14,15,16 November 2012
Between 9,00-16,00
ISPE Bucharest Headquarters: Lacul Tei Blvd, No. 1, 2nd district
Trainer – Eng Adrian GLEJA

ADVANCE Steel Basic Training
21,22,23 November 2012
Between 9,00-16,00
ISPE Bucharest Headquarters: Lacul Tei Blvd, No. 1, 2nd district
Trainer – Eng Mihaela BÎZDOAC?

These trainings are meant to acquaint as soon as possible the ISPE specialists with the working procedure and the program facilities as they will be using them daily.

For further information regarding ISPE projects carried out through GRAITEC program please follow this link ow watch the video.

ISPE participation at SIE 2012 – a real success

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Between 24-26 October 2012 took place at Sinaia “The IX-th Edition of the National Informatics, Automation and Energy Telecommunications Symposium – SIE 2012”.Scientific event organized and promoted by SIER since 1996, SIE 2012 offered participants the chance to take part to series of debates on the following topics:

  • Informatics Systems for Operators and Participants on the Power Market, Metering Systems etc.
  • Process Informatics. Informatics Systems for operative leading through energy installations dispatch
  • Distribution Automation Systems
  • Network Automation Systems and National Energy Systems. Current problems, possible development alternatives, new technics/technologies
  • Protection and Automation systems for lines, stations and power plants
  • SmartGrids.

ISPE was actively involved in the event development being part of the Committee of Honor through Mrs. Hermina Albert, ISPE Counsellor, and also from the Technical Committee through Mrs. Anca Popescu, Research and Development Division Director, ISPE; Mrs. Ana Poida, Engineer, Power Systems Division , ISPE and IT&C SIER Commission President, Mr. F?nic? Vatr?, Executive Director and General Secretary of SIER and IRE and Head of SCD Office, Energy Systems Division, ISPE.

During this event took place also EXPO- SIE 2012 – Equipments / informatics products, automation and telecommunication systems applied in energy, to which ISPE participated with several presentation materials next to other companies such as Eximprod Group, CN Transelectrica, Electrica, E. ON Moldavia Distribution, Hidroelectrica, Oltenia Energy Complex.

GE Energy and ISPE about Aeroderivative technology

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On the 27th of September took place at the ISPE headquarter, “Martin Bercovici” Amphitheatre, the workshop “GE Aeroderivative gas turbines for fast, flexible and efficient power generation grid services”, organized by GE Energy together with ISPE.The main topics discussed were:

  • Flexible and Highly Efficient Power Generation and Grid services
  • Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Services Strategy
  • GE approach to market.

Interesting presentations were delivered by GE representatives: Carmen Neagu, Region Executive South-East Europe, Pierpaolo Mazza, General Manager Power Generation Sales. Central & Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS; Daniel Minev, Senior Sales Manager, Central & Eastern Europe.

ISPE was not only the event’s co-organizer but also involved actively through its specialists who delivered presentations: Marian Dobrin, Head of Studies and Project Financing Department, Energy & Environment Division and Florin St?nescu, Project Manager, Project Management Department.

The event gathered a large number of participants from local councils, business environment and industry, interested by the topics debated, making from it a real success and an opened gate towards new partnerships.