Friday, 15 February 2013, ISPE will host the Romanian IEE 2013 Info Day

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  • The Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) financing programme – 2013 funding priorities
  • Call for proposals – how to apply; eligibility criteria
  • Romanian projects success stories

The presence at this event gives you the opportunity to meet IEE National Contact Point and The European Association for Creativity & Innovation (EACI) representatives, the event being a favorable occasion to expand the existing partners network or to develop new consortiums and projects.

For detailes regarding funding areas, follow this link.


  • IEE National Contact Point, Mrs. C?t?lina Groza – Deputy general director, General Division for Trade and International Relations, Ministry of Economy
  • ISPE Bucuresti
  • AEEPM Bucuresti

Media Partners:
Green Report
InfoMediu Europa

Event Location:
Bucharest, Lacul Tei Blvd. 1-3, ISPE headquarter, „Academician Martin Bercovici” Conference Hall, starting at 9 am.

ISPE @ Romenvirotec 2012

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Between 28th February – 2nd March ROMEXPO organizes under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry the XIXth edition of the expositional event “ROMENVIROTEC – International Exhibition for Technology and Environment, Recycling and Alternative Energy Protection Equipment”.ISPE as ROMEXPO partner will participate to ROMENVIROTEC both as exhibitor and organizer of the Round Table “Strategic objectives and action plans for achieving the targets to reduce GHG emissions” which will take place at the Press Center on Friday, 2nd March 2012.

ISPE together with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and the Business Environment and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry will debate the following topics:

  • Targets to reduce GHG emissions
  • ETS Directive – transitory derogations, advantages and commitments
  • Upgrading reporting manner for GHG Emissions National Inventory
  • Energetic strategy at national level adapted to the new European context
  • EU Roadmap for CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage
  • Action Plan for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources – future opportunities.

Having a tradition of more than 19 years, ROMENVIROTEC will be this year too the ideal platform for presenting the latest innovations in the field and for debating up-to-date topics on environmental issues.

For further details:

Bianca Mihaiu
ph: 021/206 14 26

ISPE invests in last generation audio-video equipment

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ISPE wired the two conference rooms from its headquarters with high performance audio-video systems.One of the conference rooms having a maximum capacity of 40 persons, was wired with a professional system of video projection and a discussion system. Both rooms are equipped with a last generation audio-video infrastructure permitting sound and image rendering from multiple sources.

ISPE is a Romanian company with a tradition of more than 60 years in the energy, environment and infrastructure fields having reference projects which cover the whole national power system. ISPE is leader in engineering, technical and financial consulting reported to the turnover, specialists number and projects diversity.

Having over 700 specialists dedicated to research, engineering and management activities, ISPE offers its clients most safe and efficient technical and financial solutions, at all project development stages.

Câmpina – a succes story of ISPE

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European funds for historical polluted sites rehabilitation are now available.Preparation by ISPE and its partners of a technical and economic documentation for accessing PHARE European funds, allowed Câmpina Municipality to go ahead with greening the environment and to access
European funds under SOP Environment – Priority Axis 2 – Key Areas of Intervention 2.2 – The rehabilitation of historically polluted areas.The signing of the financing contract with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Public Finances is a great success, based on the financing application prepared by ISPE.

The total project value is 2.927.800 €, with deadline: 24 months at Câmpina City Hall, January 18, 2011.

The goal of the project is the removal of the pollution sources and the removal of the potential negative effects on the health of the neighbouring people.Assess results: to obtain a pleasant open public space: ensuring a place of leisure and recreation for children and adults.

The remediation project and the additional documentation regarding the Financing Request were developed by ISPE in consortium with The Technical University of Constructions Bucharest and Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd. Great Britain. Congratulations to the colleagues from the Environmental Engineering Department!

Global CCS Institute announces the support given to the GETICA CCS Project

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Global CCS Institute included the GETICA CCS Project in its “Project Support Program” next to projects such as:

According to them, Global CCS Institute is now “directly engaging with large-scale, integrated projects to address the barriers to deployment and leverage key knowledge sharing products for wider dissemination among Institute Members and the wider CCS community”.

Please click on this link for further information regarding the financial support and the knowledge transferred.

6 Project Managers from ISPE received an IPMA international accreditation

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On March 2010, ISPE, represented by Mr. Mihai Dumitrescu, Project Management Dpt. Director, became a member of the Romanian Project Management Association (RPMA).In May, the certification procedures of the project managers were started according to the requirements of RPMA and Romania Project Management – CERT, national member of IPMA (International Project Management Association).

The main goal of these actions is to promote ISPE project management activity according to the international standards in the field and to the project manager’s recognition requirements.
Therefore, we have the pleasure to inform you that the first stage of the international certification was successfully finished at the beginning of July, after the written and oral exam on the project management and project oriented organizations competences.

After graduating the exam, this certification awards with the title „Certified Project Manager”, for B and C categories, the following colleagues: Carmen Gujb?, Florin St?nescu, Virgil Cri?an, ?tefan Andrei, Adrian Popa and Ion Chi?escu.

Having in ISPE a project managers group internationally certified, who have professional competences defined as an occupational standard, essentially contributes to consolidate our company market position, thus bringing a competitive advantage.

New award for ISPE from the Infomediu Europa magazine

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This year, on the occasion of the Awards Gala, the Infomediu Europa magazine (member of the European Environmental Press association) awarded ISPE with two prizes:

  • The Biggest Gala Award for remarkable involvement during the year 2010 in the environmental protection field – the future Romanian CCS Demo Project
  • The “Clean Technology Development” award – air quality control section- referring to all ISPE projects of plants flue gas desulfurization system

A hard work, which has been deployed for many years, was successfully rewarded.

We are indebted to congratulate all our colleagues involved!

ISPE’s appreciated presence at the Reasearch Exhibition

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Between the 6th – 9th October 2010, ISPE has been present at the Research Exhibition hosted by the 36th edition of the International Technical Fair of Bucharest – TIB 2010. On this occasion ISPE was awarded the “Excelence Diploma”.Of special interest provede to be the Passive House Pilot Project and the architectural model exhibited.

Many thanks to our colleagues from Studies and Project Financing Department and Environmental Engineering Division Department, fot their active involvement.

Modernization and Optimization of the technogical steam system in Suplac

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Field Cluster Suplacul de Barc?u is a part of the Asset 4 – Banat Cri?ana, a branch of S.C. PETROM S.A. – member of OMV GROUP. The Field Cluster Suplac is located in Bihor county and partially in S?laj county.Within Field Cluster Suplac the technological steam is used for the following purposes: cyclic steam injection at the wells, treatment of crude oil and heating of the endowments.

The project objective consists in implementing of investments works with the view to:

  • modernize the steam production, transport and distribution system
  • provide the steam consumption in the new development areas of the FC Suplac
  • generate technological steam and electricity in conditions of maximum efficiency and minimum risk, taking into account the provisions of the legislation in force
  • optimize the transport and distribution system with the view to assure the steam at optimal parameters with minimum losses
  • permanent monitoring of the installations by implementing a control system at each steam source.

To this goal, the project include the following activities:

  • review of the existing steam sources and the facilities they require (water supply, fuels, power, steam transport and distribution networks)
  • analysis of some technical scenarios for covering the needs of technological steam for varied situations proposed by Client PETROM due to the extraction technologies and based on the EU regulations (regarding production, environment, safety and health principles)
  • geotechnical and topographical studies for the locations selected for the new steam sources
  • the Feasibility Study for developing the solution approved by PETROM for modernization and optimization of the system for producing, transporting and distribution technological steam in FC Suplac
  • duty Books for main equipment bid (steam boilers, gas turbines, HRSG)
  • duty Books for erection-construction works
  • documentation for permits

The Feasibility Study include the main works and technical-economical information for new works, capital costs and operational costs in order to comply with the economical and social requirements generated by the utilization process of steam in the oilfield region of Suplacu de Barcau, thus to improve the generating efficiency, transport and distribution of steam.

Services offered:

  • analysis of the existing situation
  • solution study
  • geotechnical and topographical studies
  • feasibility study
  • duty books for equipment procurement
  • duty books for erection-construction
  • all the permits documentation requested by the Authorities

Estimated technical performances:

  • generate technological steam and electricity in conditions of maximum efficiency and minimum risk, taking into account the provisions of the legislation in force
  • optimize the transport and distribution system with the view to assure the steam at optimal parameters with minimum losses
  • permanent monitoring of the installations by implementing a control system at each steam source
  • new equipments will respect all the regulation in force regarding the environmental protection.

Estimated economical efficiency:

  • materials for supporting budget control
  • preliminary inquiries regarding operations costs
  • evaluation of technological and commercial decisions
  • reducing extraction costs of oil by reducing costs in steam production.

Country and location:

Romania, Suplacul de Barcau, Bihor county


S.C. PETROM S.A. Member of OMV Group

Start/Finish Date:

June 2008/ April 5th 2011

Combined-cycle CHPP rated 860MW – Brazi, Prahova county

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Cogeneration Power Plant rated 860MWe in Petrobrazi is designed by ISPE according to the standards in force for combined-cycles and is comprised of two cogeneration units rated about 310 MWe each ( gas turbine type PG 9371FB and steam recovery boiler without additional combustion) and a steam turbine rated about 305 MWe with surface condenser.

The power plant is designed for 20 years lifecycle.

The power produced, with low costs and significant efficiency, will supply primarily the necessities of Petrom S.A. company and the excess will be sold on the energy free market.

The annual operation hours will be 8.000 h, with global efficiency in maximum cogeneration regime of 65,26 %, and a total annual availability of approximately 92%.

The fuel used in the cogeneration power plant is natural gas.

The flue gases exhaustion coming from the two cogeneration units (gas turbines and recovery boilers) will be made through individual stacks of 70 meters high

For power plant start-up and auxiliary services, when the plant base installations do not operate, there has been provided an auxiliary steam boiler.

The power evacuation to the power grid will be made through Brazi station located at about 2,5 km of the plant.
The Construction Permit for the new power plant is number 23 and has been obtained on February the 5th 2009.

Services offered:

The project signed by ISPE and Greek Compnay METKA, has been structured in four stages:

  • stage I: Elaboration of documentation for Permits
  • stage II: Elaboration of Project for Construction Permit (PAC) and for Firefighting Permit
  • stage III: Elaboration of documentation for Basic Design for Civil works, Architecture, Indoor Installation, site preparation for the civil works, roads and platforms, underground piping networks
  • stage IV: Execution Works for civil works.

Estimated technical performances:

  • power characteristics
  • power plant installed capacity (MWe) – Nominal Regime – 925 – Maximum Regime – 1020
  • thermal power (MWt) – Nominal Regime – 85 – Maximum Regime – 150.

Country and location:

The location of the new combined-cycle cogeneration power plant rated 860 MW is western side precincts of  Petrobrazi Refinery, in Prahova county, Romania; it covers lots 68 and 72 and the dimensions are approximately 430m x 270m.



Starting/Commisioning Date:

March 2008 – March 2011